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"Why is everyone looking at us? They've never seen two Great Danes in a Beetle before?"
George & Cleo - 2011
Overnights & Doggie Slumber Parties
Home Sweet Home Overnights -
  Pets are usually most comfortable on their own turf, in their own stress - Free
environment. Paw Buddiez will take care of your pets and your home while you are
 out of town.
 We will set up a free consultation to meet you and your pets, take notes of their normal
daily routine, go over any behavioral issues and/or training methods you use,
all household chores and answer any questions you may have for us.


$75 - $100/Night
Doggie Slumber Party -
 Also known as Overnight Boarding

Your dog will stay at one of our Paw Buddiez homes as a special house guest and will have a couple of doggie friends to play and hang out with. They will be treated as one of the family.
No Kennels are used unless your dog is still working on potty training, social skills or for their safety (keep them from potential chewing or eating something they shouldn't)
Plenty of play time, socialization with other dogs and people, special individual or group outings, work on correcting any behavioral issues & will even work on teaching them a trick or two.
$65/Night ($5 for each additional dog/Night)
Home Sweet Homes Include:
  Evening, Bedtime & Next Day morning Walk
 Dinner & Next Day Breakfast Feedings
 Lots of Play Time
 Help with correcting any Behavioral Issues
 Household Chores
 Updates on what your pets have been doing
End of stay clean Up - We Leave your house looking exactly as you left it
or better!
*For Longer stays we will even try to teach your pooch a trick or 2