Marina Del Rey


 "As a Volunteer and Vice President of a Los Angeles Pet Rescue I worked with dogs abused and neglected in so many different ways both physically and mentally. It was truly heart breaking. Dogs love unconditionally and need very little in return. Even after the abuse and neglect these dogs went through, most of them never lost their spirit or their ability to love. Unfortunately, some needed a gentle touch, calm voice, a little patience and a special person that understands them.
  Working with these dogs is such a rewarding and learning experience. Every dog I rescued and found homes for have a special place in my heart. Each one of them taught me a different life lesson. When Adoption day would come I was filled with mixed emotions. I was so excited and happy to have found them a special loving forever home but sad that I would no longer be there for them, watching them grow physically & mentally. But my job was done. They were now ready to get adopted. The walks, socialization, healthy eating, car rides, ball playing, cuddle sessions & even trick training had taken them from what some would call "un adoptable" to a beautiful, outgoing, loving, highly adoptable dog!
  I would always ask the adopters to keep in touch, send me pictures and call me if they had any questions, needed advice etc.
The number one question the adopters would contact me to ask was:

 "Do you know a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker that you would highly trust, someone like you, that could take care of my dog the way I do, like a family member & one of their own?"

Someone like me? why not me!.... and I started Paw Buddiez."


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